Choosing the Right Oil for Your Car


There are so many different oils on the market, so if you’re looking to choose the right oil for your car, how do you know what you should be buying? We’ve got some top tips to making sure that your ‘at home’ car maintenance will keep your car running as it should do, without any costly garage bills.

So what’s the difference between synthetic and conventional oil? Most modern cars will require synthetic oil, this is because they can operate at higher temperatures and resist oil breakdown, unlike conventional oil. That’s not to say conventional oil can’t be used and some much older cars will run on conventional oil without any issues.

But what is synthetic oil? Synthetic oil is made from man-made materials and is designed to protect your engine better than conventional oil. It is more expensive than conventional oil, but it lasts longer and provides better protection for your engine.

Different brands can be geared towards different audiences. If you’ve got a V8 supercharged engine, you’d probably care for your car differently to a one litre Nissan Micra, but that’s not to say that they both don’t deserve bespoke care. Our experienced team on site will always be able to help with any questions about what is the best brand for you.

Although we’ve had a heat wave in October here in the UK, we all know that the colder days are to come. In the past oils with a lower thickness will have been advised for colder climates. However, today most oils will be a 5w30 thickness for use in the UK as recommended by the manufacturer. You can purchase 10w40 oil, it’s generally used in hotter climates, but some much older cars may find its thickness more suited to its design.

Oil can seem expensive to some people but without it your car simply won’t run. All oils do the same job of protecting the engine. More expensive brands do offer more protection with extra additives that will ensure your engine is kept in good condition. If you’re still confused about what oil you should be putting in your car, pop in or get in touch for more advice.


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